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12:40am 03-09-2021
happy birthday yoongi! i've enjoyed our conversations though few and far between they've been, and i hope to have many more discussions with you~ i hope today has been wonderful, and that you eat all the cake and take all the naps you so justly deserve.
8:18pm 03-08-2021
someone taller
don't let the tiny voices fool you, it's me who loves you the most
4:32pm 03-08-2021
stop cutting me off
I FEEL VERY LUCKY for the times i've gotten to speak with you. you're funny, and charming, and even though i'll be sending naver my angry letter for putting out false information about you not being the same height me, i still find in my heart to love you UNDENIABLY AND UNQUESTIONABLY with all of my heart (i'm Very Generous 2% of the time please don't act so surprised). i'm sorry for the time i stressed you when i made you all figure out the song i couldn't remember and for the time i put you in jail with Those Other 2. BUT I CHERISH YOU A LOT. please remember to celebrate and EAT WELL TODAY (let's be Round together) i hope i get to spend time with you again soon and to hear your old delivery boy war stories someday but until then just remember that i Love You The MOST. HAVE A HAPPY BIRTHDAY SUGAR HEIGHT HYUNG!!!!!!!!!!
4:28pm 03-08-2021
HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!! i just wanted to say as the person who loves and adores you the most here that you are a ✨shining beacon✨ of inspiration for a young rapper like myself
4:25pm 03-08-2021
dearest yoongi hyung,

11:31am 03-08-2021
HAPPY BIRTHDAY SUGA(r)NIM i hope it's such an amazing bday!!!
10:26am 03-08-2021
taehyung was i not worth paying to remove the ads?
9:49am 03-08-2021
suga suga how'd you get so fly~ i promise to fight my urge to bow for just today and i'll wish you a happy birthday eye to eye, sunbaenim (or eye to chest since i'm still short
7:57am 03-08-2021
daniel xD
suga hyung, have an amazing birthday! i'll always be grateful to you for being one of my first friends in the industry, and i know we've been busy with our own projects lately, but i truly hope we're able to spend some time together soon. we can discuss minari over coffee. your pal, daniel kang ps: HAPPY BIRTHDAY AGAIN!!!
7:29am 03-08-2021
for all the comfort you give to people and all the advice and laughs and food and generosity we get from you on a daily basis, i hope you feel all of that back at you times a million today and this year. HAPPY BIRTHDAY AGAIN HYUNG i love you
6:35am 03-08-2021
the happiest of birthdays to a literal angel!! at the risk of repeating past events and further embarrassing myself, i just wanted to say that i am very grateful for your being here, talking to you and knowing the joy you bring to the people i care very very much about is honestly so incredibly moving and heartwarming. thank you for enduring the long journey of discovering twilight with me, hopefully we can make it out the other side soon and maybe even one day have our own dramatic conversations out in the woods; i'll meet you between the mossy rocks and you make sure to bring the special diamond effect music. and if that fails we can just start our own gordon ramsay only makeup company. just things to pass the time until mugen train finally comes to us after 84 years. BUT UNTIL THEN please enjoy your day and make the absolute most out of every second, make sure everyone adores and appreciates you as you very much deserve, and surround yourself with all the things and people you love most. lots of cake is mandatory please! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!
3:51am 03-08-2021
to 10 more years of me stealing your food. happy birthday hyung!
3:03am 03-08-2021
i love you the most
2:36am 03-08-2021
mark lee
suga hyung is this what the internet looked like when you were a boy? wow, imagine that. i hope you have an amazing birthday full of everything you could ever want. if you have a need for a little guy on this special day, just know i'm here
12:47am 03-08-2021
soobin part 2
...dolphin cult by storm. we haven't talked much but i appreciate bonding over jokes with you and am grateful for all of your support towards txt. it means a lot to me to have someone as COOL as you sending me such words of encouragement and praises! i hope this birthday year is a great one and that you'll stay healthy, stay stealthy, and stay wealthy!!!
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